Choreographic Works

Dancing with Drones

Alison collaborates with fellow artists in residence Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs on their work Dancing with Drones

Alison has created and performed tow iterations of this work at:
- Performance Spaces' LIVEWORKS festival of experimental art, October 2015, Carriageworks.
- Bundanon's annual program SITEWORKS at Arthur Boyd's Homestead/grounds in September 2014. (she also appeared in Stalker Theatre's CREATURE).

The normalisation of drone warfare and drone surveillance is becoming a concern to all. But drones can have other uses. Starrs & Cmielewski use them to capture still and moving images of Australian landscapes. They also used a drone to record dancer Alison Plevey’s site-responsive performances in different locations at Bundanon. In response to the persistently intrusive drone, she exhibits a range of different emotions, including curiosity, agitation, engagement and resignation. The result is a video artwork that encourages contemplation about our relationship to nature and technology.

DancingWithDrones_6001sm_compress.jpgPhoto by Josephine Starrs

 Body Illumination

A dance, music and jewellery performance commissioned as a part of a travelling Contemporary Jewellery exhibition, Bodywork: Australian Jewellery 1970-2012  shown at Craft ACT October 2016.

Created with cellist Alex Voorhoeve and metalsmith jeweller, Simon Cottrell the performance investigates jewellery making processes, particularly the psychology and the impact of such pieces (metal brooches) on the human body.

With thanks to Gwen McNamara and CraftACT.


Dance Mash

A collaboration with Award Winning Poet...
Alison worked with Prime Minister's Literary Award for Poetry winner, Melinda Smith, in the development of five new short dance poems fusing dance making and poetry writing process and presentation.
They performed at Canberra Slambouree at the The Front, July 2015


Photo by Adam Thomas


Politic is a short performance that invites a dialogue between the body and politics.

I am concerned with our understanding, physical perception and engagement with the political act. As part of ‘the system’, what we hear, see, say, do, think and believe…(or not) implicates and colours our physical reality.
I am guilty of perhaps operating under a kind of self governance of my own life,  so do we or can we really participate in making change if that's what we need?

Choreography, concept and performance: Alison Plevey
Politic premičred at Dance On The Edge at Belconnen Arts Centre, May 2015.


Lingua Franca Dance & Physical Theatre and collaborators through place, movement, video and live audio WORK IT investigates the relationship between our work, identity and what we value. It reveals the daily rituals and spatial dynamics of the workplace that connect us in a fragmenting society.

Performer: Alison Plevey
Cinematographer/video mixer: Caitlin Welch
Audio design/DJ: Yohan Strauss
Dramaturge: Adam Deusien

Supported by artsACT, QL2 Dance, Art, Not Apart Festival and You Are Here Festival.



Photo by Martin Ollman


The social machine, a conformist way of being, living and experiencing the world. even down to the colour of our hair. Are we aware of this evening happening to us in this supposed Brave New World?

"Real life is and must be full of all kinds of social constraint...the stage is set for an evolutionary growth of new social engines". - Berners-Lee, T,  M. Fischetti (1999).

Replay is an abstracted movement piece that counter acts ideologies of control, consumer driven production and idealist aesthetics to reveal the individual as integral to a diverse yet interconnected society.


Photo by Martin Ollman

site effects

Symptoms of festival (art, not apart) happenings, dancers of QL2's Quantum Leap ensemble pop up in unexpected places at unexpected times making moves secondary to what you might anticipate.

Led by QL2 Dance tutor, choreographer and dance artist Alison Plevey and QL2's Artistic Director Ruth Osborne, site effects explores how our diverse manipulations of the human form can reframe, compliment and contrast our perceptions of site, place and activity.

Performed by 11 members of 2015 Quantum Leap ensemble at art, not apart 2015.


Photo by Lorna Sim

Johnny Castellano is Mine

Alison has won a Canberra Critic's Circle Award for her performance in Emma Gibson's play Johnny Castellano is Mine a Co-Production between The Street Theatre and Canberra Youth Theatre Company, April 2014.

Johnny Castellano is Mine follows 16 year old Alice across time on her quest to find a way to reach town heart throb Johnny Castellano and escape the prison of unreliable memories she finds herself trapped in. Alice is accomplished, poised and perfect - at least on the surface. Johnny Castellano is the golden both loved and longed for by everyone. Nothing can keep Alice from Johnny - not her best friend, her father, her music, or the cuts on her legs...But has she found her happily ever after?
"Central to the success of the play is a tour-de-force performance of mesmerising intensity by Alison Plevey." - Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle.
Read more here

Photo by Lorna Sim

Ten Hands

read, meet, wash, shake, talk, hide, clap, open, help, use...
A short solo created and performed by Alison Plevey that reignites the possibility and power in our hands.
Ten Hands has featured at Belconnen Arts Centre, Sound & Fury and Australian Dance Week Celebrations 2014-15.


Photo by Julia Boyd

Light After Dark

James Turrell: A Retrospective launch party HotelHotel

Turrell's work plays with light, space, architecture and perspective:
"We eat light, drink it in through our skins. With a little more exposure to light, you feel part of things physically."

A roving ensemble clad in white soaks in  the rich hues of the saturating lighting design, conjuring a visual, sensory and visceral experience for the performance art party. With improvised movement scores Alison adopts and enhances Turrell's aims/approaches to making his art in live performance.
Performed by: Holly Diggle, Jamie Winbank, Jessica Ausserlechner and Alison Plevey. Conceived by Alison Plevey.

LAD pink wigs.jpg

Photo by Katherina Griffiths

Admit One

What will you admit to?

An intimate, site specific, interactive performance work combining dance, theatre and installation. Personal, reactive and responsive, a single audience member is invited to uncover something of themselves directing and guiding the experience that unfolds.

Alison collaborates with Tanya Voges to explore the impact of solitary and one-one creative practice both in process and performance, and in doing so blur the line between performer and audience member.

Admit One premiered at Art Not Apart, Canberra, 2014, with encore performances at You Are Here Festival 2014, and ALT Festival Adelaide 2015.


Photo by Tim Standing


A solo dance work that draws from an adventurous river side experience near on a property in Central West NSW. Thanks to Phoebe, Dylan, Anya and Mila. (Best Female Dancer and most outstanding choreography Short + Sweet Dance, Canberra 2013)


Photo by Lorna Sim


A collaboration with Canberra Symphony Orchestra cellist Alex Voorhoeve. Set at A. Baker (bakery/cafe at NewActon) and drawing from the everyday process of baking together they serve up a spontaneously baked, flour dusted  mix of movement and sound.

Performed at Old and New 2013and Art, Not Apart 2014.


Photo by Martin Ollman


A choreographed film and an edited dance devised and performed for strange attractor, 2013. It is the he first work I have started to develop in response to my blog project 100,000 frames and is perhaps a remembrance and re-embodiment in film and flesh.


Photo by Lorna Sim