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Autumn Lantern at ENLIGHTEN

In their pure white illuminated garments five performers (2 dancers, 1 dancer/acrobat, 2 musicians) move through the parliamentary forecourt. Passing by building facades and pillars lit by projected colours and patterns, human bodies morph and enliven the our political architecture.

Like human sculptures lighting the way they embrace the autumnal themes of change, interconnectedness and shedding skins. Artists are interconnected yet siloed, they are responsive to sound and light and trigger each other to move, play, react much like the adaptation we undertake in seasonal changes.

Created by Alison Plevey in collaboration with Tanya Voges, Michael Liu Tyson Jones, Susanna Defraia, Olivia Fyfe and Debora Di Centa.

Free Performances: Friday 4th and 11th March, from 6:15pm - 10pm.



A site specific, dance, installation and interactive performance work SPROUT comments on the modern day pattern or convention to construct nature.

In a highly designed city where concrete jungles are sprouting up left and right, I am interested to expose the patterns with which we create, control and design the natural, realising the importance of the delicate, symbiotic relationship of man/woman and nature.

Performed by Olivia Fyfe, Debora Di Centa and Alison Plevey

Creative development space supported by QL2 Dance

Art, Not Apart, 19th March, 1pm-5pm
You Are Here, 14th April, 5:30pm.

Body As Material

Alison is this year involved in a solo residency project delivered by Critical Path across March - November 2016.

BAM is a four-week development project for four artists Joshua Pether (WA), WeiZen Ho (NSW), Alison Plevey (ACT) and Ghenoa Gela (NSW).  The project concentrates on solo practice and is intended to offer participants the opportunity to take time to reflect on their own work, play, support the others through exchange, feedback and dialogue and start to think about making some work.

Alison's research focuses on the transformational characteristics of the body dependant on space, context, costume and its relationship to objects in performance.

A partnership between Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, Bundanon Trust, FORM Dance Projects and Critical Path.

Canberra Multicultural Fringe

Performed and co-ordinated dance acts at CMF in collaboration with Directors Chenoeh Miller and Gregor Murray. Coordinated Hit The Floor for Refugees, the Sound and Fury Ensemble and performed opening sequence Born to be loved

Fringe Marquee, February 12th and 13th 2016, from 5pm.