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Canberra Multicultural Festival Fringe, Feb 2016


Alison Plevey with Sound and Fury ensemble and Chenoeh Miller

Sound and Fury, Dec 2015

Arty. Farty. Xmas. Party

Last Christmas

Alison Plevey

Lingua Franca Dance Theatre, BMEC,

Nov 2015

Unsustainable Behaviour

Alison Plevey & Adam Deusien

CraftACT, Oct 2015

NGA travelling exhibit Bodywork

Body Illumination

Alison Plevey with Alex Voorhoeve and Simon Cottrell

Performance Space, Liveworks, Oct 2015

Dancing with Drones

Alison Plevey with Starrs and Cmielewski

Belconnen Arts Centre, Dance Kaleidoscope, Aug 2015

A diary of six

Alison Plevey (with community stories)

ALT Festival, Adelaide, Aug 2015

Admit One

Alison Plevey and Tanya Voges

Canberra Slambouree

July 2015, The Front Gallery/Cafe


Alison Plevey with poet Melinda Smith

The Dance Cocktail Party


Alison Plevey

Dance On The Edge, May 2015


Alison Plevey

Art Not Apart, March 2015




Site Effects

Alison Plevey with Caitlin Welch and Yohan Strauss

Alison Plevey with Ruth Osborne & QL2 dancers

Multicultural Festival Fringe, Feb 2015

Ten Hands + REPLAY


Alison Plevey

Sound & Fury at Art Not Apart, March 2015

Ten Hands + REPLAY


Alison Plevey

Bundanon Trust, SiteWorks, October 2014

Dancing with Drones

Starrs and Cmielewski with Alison Plevey

In Canberra Tonight, National Portrait Gallery, November 2014

Portrait of a dancer

Alison Plevey

Light After Dark, James Turrell launch party, November 2015


Alison Plevey

The Street Theatre and Canberra Youth theatre Company presents, April 2014

Johnny Castellano is Mine       Written by Emma Gibson.

Karla Conway with Alison Plevey.

You Are Here Festival, March 2014

Admit One

Alison Plevey and Tanya Voges

Art Not Apart, March 2014

Admit One, KNEAD, Rhythm & Sense, HEART, Jesus Live Here Tonight.

Alison Plevey with Tanya Voges, Alex Voorhoeve, David Caffery, Kat Henry and Little Dove Theatre Art.

NewActon Nishi Gallery, December 2013

No Place

Adelina Larsson

Short + Sweet, Dance,

Canberra Nov 2013 & Sydney January 2014


Alison Plevey

Old & New, NewActon Launch

November 2013


Alison Plevey with Alex Voorhoeve

SPIN, Canberra 100, October 2013.


 Adelina Larsson

Wirksworth Festival, Derbyshire, UK, September 2013

 Right Behind You

 Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, August 2013

 Right Behind You

 Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien

Strange Attractor, QL2 Theatre, August 2013

 three. six. five

 Alison Plevey

Liz Lea & Co. National Library of Australia, Canberra, May 2013


 Liz Lea

Art Not Apart - NewActon, Canberra, March 2013


Alison Plevey with Andrew Fedorovich

Not Yet It's Difficult & AIS, Canberra 100, February 2013

Training Squad

David Pledger

Sound Out Festival, ANU Canberra, February 2013

River Stones

Alison Plevey with Reuben Ingall & Andrew Fedorovich

Lingua Franca at 2High Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, November 2012

Right Behind You

Alison Plevey & Adam Deusien

BEAMS Festival Chippendale & Peats Ridge Festival 2012

Construct Her

Alison Plevey

QL2 Theatre, Canberra, May 2012

No place (1st development)

Adelina Larsson

Catapult Festival, Bathurst, March 2012

Gala - Merging Emerging Artists

Simone O'Brien & Kirk Page

You Are Here Festival, Canberra, March 2012

Resonance 1.0 - Bubble Wrap

Adelina Larsson

Short + Sweet, Dance, Canberra, November 2011

Jane Citizen VC

Alison Plevey

Girl with Minas Canberra Theatre, Sept 2011.


Alison Plevey & Jonathan Zwartz

CRACK Theatre Festival, Newcastle, September 2011

The Remix Project

Emi Forster

Short + Sweet, Dance, Canberra, November 2010

Right Sides Together

Alison Plevey

Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre (AIVDT) Perth, December 2010

Unexpected Microclimates

Alison Plevey (mentor Shona Erskine)

Empire of the Sun with AIVDT, Perth, April 2009

‘Standing on the Shore’- Video Clip Swordfish Girl

Luke Steele & Serena Chalker

AIVDT, Perth, January/February 2009

They’ll be dancing in the Streets

Jo Pollitt with AIVDT

LINK Dance company, ITS Festival, Amsterdam July 2009

Reaching Valdrada

If every time


Chrissie Parrot

Olivia Millard

Rhys Martin

LINK Dance company, ripple effect, Dolphin Theatre UWA, October 2009

Things that Remain

Caused to Happen

Michael Whaites

Craig Bary